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Friday, July 2

Friday Fives

1. What movie does everyone seem to love, but you just can't bring yourself to see? Casablanca. Supposed to be the best film ever, but looks boring as hell to me. Maybe I have been desensitized by too much Jerry Bruckheimer, but it looks like a chick flick from here. 2. Which cartoon or comic book character is your least favorite? Squidward, from Spongebob. I mean, I know it's just a kid show... but that guy is a dick to Spongebob. 3. Which pop culture phenomenons do you think will officially "jump the shark" this year? Brittney Spears, and Republicans 4. What are some popular things that you just don't get? see the above, please 5. And now -- what's your favorite line from a movie? Almost every line from 'Fish Called Wanda' comes to mind. My absolute favorites are so expletive laden (and feature Kevin Kline) that if I dare mentioned them here we'd all be proxied from this site for life from Roy


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