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Thursday, July 22

Friday Fives

1. What's your favorite TV theme song and why? I have to go all the way back to 'Greatest American Hero' theme. It was 'Believe it or Not' by Joey Scarbury. I know the details because it was one of the first record singles that I owned. 2. What's your worst roommate story? I had a zillion roomates in college, plenty of the very strange. I don't remember anything as being the worst though, and am still very good friends with almost all of them. I guess the most important things I learned I don't like having roommates. If I were single, I'd rather shoulder the burden of rent then have a roommate. 3. What are you superstitious about? I am totally not superstitious at all. However, I certainly don't make it a point to walk under ladders or leave a hat on the bed. That last one, is that just a 'Drugstore Cowboy' reference... or is it real? 4. The dumbest thing my boss has ever said is... Ah geesh, I have had some turkeys as bosses over the years. One specific boss continually pops up in my head as a how to never handle a situation sort of manual. But she ain't my boss anymore so no sense worrying about it. Back when I was a teen and worked at KFC our first manager was a cokehead. This worked out because the other fry cook was a dealer. They would disappear into a tiny tiny little room (the managers office) for hours. It was quite obvious. The manager after that was a total lush and would get drunk after hours and hit on the female employees. His name was Bob, I don't remember the first guy's name though. They were nice guys though, and decent enough bosses to me. Oh wait, now I remember the dumbest thing a boss has ever said to me because I have heard it more than once... seriously. "We are not closing down. No one is loosing their jobs!" 5. What does your favorite mug look like? That is a very personal question, but there are several. Perhaps because I am a coffee fiend, I have an affinity towards several. I guess my favorite would be a ceramic arty type one from Flagstaff. That mug is so nice I wouldn't soil it with coffee... it is my water cup. via Roy


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