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Friday, July 23

Take a Leak

So I guess this is how Bush is going to do it.  Frankly, I am disappointed.  Maybe the best is yet to come, but I figured the Bush camp would have some really great and nasty and terrible stuff to derail the dems.  In the last week, we have got some pretty pathetic scandals - the sandy berger missing paper story (I'd link you to the story here.  But it is already a non-issue and I can't find a link to it), the footage of the hijackers at the airport (why wait three years to show this footage.  What does it add to the dialogue?), and today they released some of the missing Bush pay records from the Guard. COME ON PEOPLE - where is the stuff like this        >  John Kerry hates blacks, and has three illegitamate black kids.        >  John Kerry known to freebase in Vietnam, hence his fearless heroism         >  John Kerry, known arab lover 

      >  John Kerry secretly lovers with Barney Frank I mean, at least give me a fucked up Kerry sibling.  This Edwards brother with an old DUI in Colorado won't cut it either.  I mean, I want Neil Bush type family failure.  The repubs have GOT to have a better and meaner strategy to defame the dems.  I mean, let's pretend I was an undecided voter... is there a reason in the world to vote for Bush? god, I love politics too much.  I want to join the other side just to get some lifeblood going into this duel.  My first act as chief evil doer would be to hire back Ari Fleischer to start denying things.  Look at the Mike Moore film 'controversy'.  All anyone can say about it is 'it is one sided'.  Ok, fine.  Even the head Republicans can not and have not said "It is filled with errors, misinformation, and unnecessary malaise!"  Come on, if you can't even refute the extremely damning information in the Moore movie... then why should I vote for you?  You say your side is better?  Do you have 90 minutes worth of facts on film to demonstrate that to the American people? Yes, the Republicans need major help being evil again.  They have been so focused on big business and war that they forgot why there are here in the first place:  to screw blue collar workers, women, and minorities of the world!  The first thing I would do is make Ari press secretary again.  The second thing I would do is have Ari have a press conference denying he is the new press secretary.  You get the idea, the man was a master prevaricator (not my own words, regrettably). man we could have some fun.


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