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Monday, July 19

This is strange piece of Outsourcing

Can you imagine this... sometime in the future.  When you go to McDonalds drive through and order your food, you are actually speaking to a call center several states away who are processing your order.  Sound like another Stallone movie?  Nope, it is happening right now.  Today's Rocky Mountain News reports that Colorado Springs has a call center that handles orders for 15 different McDonald's restuarants across the US.  Dude who owns the call center says his call center speeds up each order on average of 30 seconds.   My position?  Well, this freaks me out... and I am against it.  If we are outsourcing minimum wage jobs, then what hope does someone like me have to keep my job?  Though it is a clever use of technology, I think this is a very bad trend.  16 year olds need jobs to keep them off the streets and to teach them about work ethic.  What's next?  I'll go to the grocery store tonight and they will have to ship my groceries to India to be bagged and returned to me.  Plus, there is the whole Will Smith I-Robot concern.  Eventually, you will be in their database and you will here a gentle voice come back to you and say "Frankly sir, a double cheeseburger is not in your best interest.  I mean, just look at you!  Might we suggest a nice salad?"


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