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Monday, August 23

Finally turned a corner

So, I finally turned the big corner this weekend on the whole digital music thing. It came in two parts. In a nutshell, I am working to go digital and flexible and get rid of all my CDs. I bought a 128 meg flash drive at Shitty Customer Service Company and love it. I can put two CD's worth of info on this thing which is the size of a pen cap. It was $20, and I already ripped an album onto it so it's paid for. God, I am such a dick. Why couldn't I have spent the $20 supporting a real musician who needs the sales figures to pay rent and keep from getting dropped by their label? It gets worse. Just tonight I was listening to the new Steve Winwood CD. I was listening to it on my computer, because that is where I listen to all new music (the car is tuned to NPR and it's KCUV online digital stream at work... I no longer listen to any Clear Channel stations.) Anyhow, I am thinking 'this is a really great disc, I should burn it to listen in the truck'! How wrong is that? I am listening to a CD thinking 'Hey, I should make this into a CD sometime!' I have become totally desensitized to sharing digital music. I don't even use Cds when I can help it. I drop everything onto my computers hard drive and work from there. Instead of getting into an ethics debate on all this digital music (of which I disagree with myself on almost every level), I just wanted to note that I have jumped over the edge of the digital music divide and have no intention of turning back. I should note a couple of things: this Winwood disc really is great, it's very jammy... but only in the sense of the man who INVENTED jam music. Steve Winwood is a rock god for one single accomplishment - he wrote and sang 'Gimme Some Lovin' as head of the Spencer David Group. Great song, huh? Oh, and he was sixteen years old at the time. Listen, I don't even wanna know what you were doing when you were sixteen, but I doubt you were inventing rock at the time. Traffic kicks monster ass too, but I can save all that for my other blog. A second point is that the very wonderful people at KBCO gave me this CD as a promotional thingy for something or other. Though KBCO is one of those Clear Channel stations, they have been nothing to amazing to my family. They sent us to Dallas for four days to watch Clapton play with... ah just read the piece. KBCO are good people, and it is possible Clear Channel is too... but I am sick of John Mayer and Dave Matthews. * part two to come - my goal of a disc-less society, and the irony of Napster manufacturing blank CDs.


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