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Friday, August 27

Friday Fives

1. What is your dirty little secret, anyway? I have none that aren't already on the state of Colorado's 10 most wanted list 2. What were/are some of your favorite toys ever? I would have to say the big wheel brought me the most allowable maximum joy as a child. Next would be the bicycle, I lived on my bike 3. See if you can remember all the jobs you've ever had (paying, non-allowance related jobs) wanna see? bag boy, bus boy, KFC, Jack in the Box, telemarketing, Greenpeace, delivering Chinese food, Target, Furst Group, Nextel, Echostar, Nextel 4. What album influenced you the most in high school or college? in high school is was probably 'Electric Ladyland' by Hendrix, and college would definately be 'Siamese Dream' from the Smashing Pumpkins. 5. What are your top five pizza toppings? Five is too many, first off. We begin with pepperoni. A nice touch might also be green bell peppers and pineapple. Anyone who might put olives or mushrooms on a pizza is NOT YOUR FRIEND via Roy


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