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Tuesday, August 3

a great time to be a Cardinals fan

You all know that I am a big Broncos fan, well you know now anyway. Truth be told though, I grew up in Phoenix. Now, growing up we did not have a team... but we do now. Anyhow, this is the hallowed time of year that every football fan across the nation says to their buddies "This is gonnna be our year!". You know, it never is. Only two of those teams get to the big dance, and everyone else gets a broken heart. Us Broncos, we have some good talent... but let's be honest. We'll make it to first round play offs and that is about it. To make a point though, even San Diego fans are thinking big... and man do they suck! However, the beauty of being an Arizona Cardinals fan is that you know this won't be the year. Last year wasn't, and neither will next year. You know the team has no chance, so you sir are spared a broken heart. For that, we all owe Bill Bidwell a big thanks. There is no question that the team will be abysmal, thanks to the worst owner in all of sports. Sure, Al Davis of the Raiders is evil, but he fields a competetive team. Take a look at this google search. Until the Bidwells leave town or sell the team, the Cardinals will always be horrible. Heck, I know Broncos fans that are so hardcore they are looking at the plans for Superbowl because they know the Broncos will make it. No worries about Cardinal fans dreaming of anything but a team who doesn't suck.


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