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Monday, August 30

Just in Time!

Sometime over the weekend here in Denver, radio behemoth Clear Channel dumped an all local sports radio format at 760 am and picked up the full programming of Air America radio. This is a really great development, because our talk market (like every talk market) is dominated by Rush Limbaugh and inbred local sports radio shows. If you aren't familiar with Air America radio, it is the liberal radio network that Al Franken started up. If they aren't in your city, you can go to their site and (finally) listen to it in streaming audio online. Frankly, I am puzzled by the programming decision. Clear Channel are known allies of the Bush regime, and Colorado is a known Republican stronghold. I am also impressed and very pleased. As a direct result, I have lifted my Clear Channel embargo as of about half an hour ago. Viva diversity! I was going to say 'viva tolerance' as well, but let's be frank. I have zero tolerance for the Bush regime and it's damage to society. Admittedly, I am not adding much to the social dialogue... but I swear I am working in your best interest. Send cash.


Anonymous Armus said...

Clear Channel is more cunning than you can imagine.

Nothing could be more effective at getting votes for Bush than letting Al Franken make an ass of himself.

6:03 PM  

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