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Monday, August 30

the VMA's - a review

Just kidding. No review necessary, it was like every other Video Music Awards ever. Anyhow, I was suffering through MTV rather than suffering through the Olympics' closing thingy. So MTV was giving out awards for videos that NO ONE has ever seen. The station does not show videos, and has not for years. So they celebrate these things that don't exist (like the GOP and job growth, couldn't resist). I saw some brief clips for 2 vidoes that really piqued my interest. One was for Eminem's band D12 and the other was for Jay Z (because I am so urban, yo). I thought about what cool videos these look like, how can I see them? The answer is you can't. The only videos shown on basic cable are on VH1 well after midnight. So what is a guy to do who wants to see music videos? It appears my only choice is to steal them. Yup, they aren't on TV and can't find them streaming online. So, I hooked up the Kazaa Lite connection and am downloading them. I do this because I have no choice. So, I just want to give the RIAA a heads up... the only market for visual distribution of music appears to be piracy. Or, you can watch Good Charlotte all night on Insomniac Music Theatre. By the way, because I find the RIAA so odious, here is some info on how not to get sued. They are looking for people with song collections of one thousand songs or bigger. The second aspect is they don't care if you download, what they are after is the people who offer it for upload. Think about it like how they deal with drugs, they don't want the end user... they want the dealer. So if you are hacking music (and everyone knows you are), move the music files to a different folder. Then, limit uploads to 3. That way you can stay under the radar, and also save some of your bandwidth. ok, am off to bed now. I would be remiss though if I didn't tell you that there was a single stand out performance that you would be wise to catch. It was Alicia Keys doing her hit. Then you hear harmonica nicely accessorizing... and the camera pans over to Stevie Wonder. As the song ends, we cut to Stevie doing Higher Ground with Lenny Kravitz on guitar. Check this out if you can, MTV will be re-running the show non stop all week. This performance comes about 2 and a half hours into it.


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