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Saturday, September 11

F*ck Wal-Mart

Sorry y'all. You how remiss I am to swear like that, and I am sorry you had to hear. However, it needed to be said in no uncertain terms. We know that Wal Mart tends to be a little on the politically inconsiderate side... and is a tad exploitive of their workers. For many of these reasons, we do not shop there at all. However, new news from CNN says that the good people of Wal Mart are building a store outside the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico. This is where the greatest pyramids of the Western world still sit today. See some pictures here, and here. Heck, let CNN tell it:
The Teotihuacan construction site lies less than a mile (1.6 km) from the gated tourist park housing the main ruins and is visible from atop the Pyramid of the Sun that has defined the skyline for 2,000 years.
Oh, here is a little bonus for the thoughtful folks from Benton, they are building on a native holy site:
Amid rising controversy, Mexico's government this month said a small pre-Hispanic altar was found buried at the construction site. Plans call for preserving the small structure under plexiglass in what will be the store's parking lot.
Now, maybe the suits at Wal Mart don't watch Scooby Doo like I do... daily. Let me tell you this, no good can from building on the shrines and ruins of a dead civilization that celebrated human sacrifice to the gods. This will be your undoing, Wal Mart, and the karma you suffer will be much stronger than old man McGinty in an old Halloween costume scaring the kids. I make this a formal call to all to boycott Wal Mart, and that means Sam's Club too. * a forward answer to my critics, who will surely say 'This is intellectual mumbo jumbo against an easy target from a guy who can afford to spend more' - to them I answer firmly "um... yes!". See that? We are a full service media clearinghouse of thoughts and ideas.


Anonymous Armus said...

I dunno about the "karma" thing...

How many hearts did old Sam Walton carve out of folks' chests?

If one has to choose between competing ideologies, it's something of a stretch to make the case that cheap Chinese-made consumer goods and shitty workers' benefits weigh heavier on the karmic scales than aggressive imperialistic warfare, slave-trading and human sacrifice on a scale unknown outside of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR.

Oh, and P. Pot's Cambodia, just so no one says we're being Eurocentric...

6:09 PM  

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