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Thursday, September 9

I finally got polled!

CBS called me tonight and polled me about the presidential election. It was an interesting and bizarrely thorough 10 or 15 minutes on the phone. I thought you might be interested. Amongst the obvious questions the nice lady asked me were
  • are you registered to vote
  • are you sure you are registered to vote
  • are you positive you are registered to vote (seriously, she asked me three times)
  • do you feel the economy is doing well
  • who is leading the country in the right direction
  • who do you trust more
  • what issue is central to you in this election
  • who will you vote for
these were (to me) normal questions. I answered them all honestly, stoked that someone was finally asking my opinion. Then, they asked these questions
  • who seems more likeable
  • who would you rather go to a baseball game with
  • who would you rather have as a room mate
  • who would you rather have as a boss
  • who do you think is a nicer person
I declined to answer these questions because I really don't feel they contribute to the dialogue. they asked me my race and age of course, and one final question which I also refused to answer... my religion.
the reason being, I don't want to paint atheists as being any one thing or the other. I won't tell you my answers to any of those questions because they are none of your business, and you should think for yourself. However... if you have read a single word I have ever written... you probably have a good idea how I answered those questions. The results of the poll will be released from CBS and MTV on September 20th. You are hopefully noting now, that this is about two weeks away. So, when we see a poll today... is it two weeks old? Dunno.


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