Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Monday, September 20

It's all true

This report comes from New Orleans. Mailers are being distributed that if Democrats win the presidency, they will ban the Bible. We didn't want this to get around... but the whole thing is true. Part the of the secret Democratic plan for America is three fold.
1. ban the bible 2. take away everyone's guns 3. make everyone get gay married
there it is. Frankly, I am not pleased this has come to light... but facts are facts. Please, vote Republican to keep all the queers from taking over. I mean sure, the Dems plan to raise taxes on working folks and quadruple welfare for lazy minorities. We are downy soft on terror, and in fact all of George Soros' money comes from drug runners. Don't let any of that concern you... because after we have disarmed the populace (just like Hitler did) you all will be unable to form a militia... which is your consitutional right! Yep, us liberals are going turn this place into a commie wasteland.


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