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Thursday, September 23

Register to Vote today

Hey all, there isn't a lot of time left to register to vote for the upcoming election. The deadline is in a week and a half. Because you are lazy, and I am ok with that... I have a couple of terrific web resources for you and your friends to assist. As always, there are the good folks at Also, there is a super cool group here that will actually hook you up with free MP3s for registering to vote, and for getting friends to register to vote. There is a lot at stake for this election, even if you aren't chasing the presidential race. Here in Colorado there is a big race for the senate which is expected to assist in changing the entire balance of power in congress. That is pretty important stuff, friends... so please choose a side and support them. Also, most states (including Colorado) allow you to register to vote at the DMV. Of course, problem with that is the Colorado DMV is closed all week because of some computer glitch non-sense. Here is more incentive, if you don't vote... my vote counts for both of us.


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