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Monday, September 13

Vote GW Bush

Y'all might not know it, but I am an optimist. Right now America is bitterly divided and I know how to end all these problems. I know how to unite America and bring us all closer together... seriously. If you elect GW Bush in November... by the time he is done with the office I think nearly every American will be on the same page. I know his second administration will be plagued with scandals, indictments, and us finding out insano things about this first few years that the media was afraid to report. I think four more years of Bush will do near irreparable harm to the Republican party, and the conservative movement in general. Guess what, I don't even want four years of 'I told you so', which is probably what I'll have to change the name of the site to. So vote for ol' W. It will be a rocky and painful and amusing four years... but there will be no more squabble come 2008. A retarded hamster could enter the 2008 race as a Democrat and win. One last thing, stay away from Nader... dude is totally a wackjob!


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