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Wednesday, October 13

America has spoken - strangely

Here is something interesting. according to MSNBC, using two of their own numbers fresh from tonight - Bush is ahead in the polls. Who would you vote for? 359072 responses George W. Bush 55% John Kerry 44% however, these same geniuses agree Kerry won this debate. Let's take a look at the poll above and below. They are both real time polls from MSNBC. What can we learn about the electorate from them? These people are, in effect, saying 'I know my guy doesn't necessarily tell the truth and probably isn't the smartest guy in the room either. My guy isn't very quick on his feet. He does not handle conflict situations well. When confronted with issues, my nominee avoids the issue and changes the subject. That is what I look for in a leader! He is my guy and he should stay president!' Who won the debate? 690547 responses George W. Bush 28% John Kerry 72% What is your problem, America? Seriously, you're idiots. I mean, I still love you and all... but you aren't qualified to hold a ballot. Just forget it, I am getting all angry again. My dog has that scared look in his eye he gets right before I go on a kickin' spree. I am going to walk away from the computer, have a glass of wine and play some guitar. I'm sorry I yelled. * Keep in mind, the people here answering are the tech savy internet dorks like us. So if this is generation X speaking... what can we expect from Florida voters this fall? Turns out Florida may not be another Florida this year. Nope, they can't even run practice votes because their server crashed today during the demo. So the good news is there won't be voter fraud in Florida this year. Reason being; there won't be elections this year in Florida. Hey, don't worry. Our fearless media will pick this story up and press leadership for answers, right? Nope, I had to pick this story up from London's daily. Oh, Australia covered it too. Wasn't it on your nightly news?


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