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Wednesday, October 20

I voted today

guess what, they can do anything they want to me now, I have voted. I did it at lunch at the local grocery chain, and it was a delightful experience. I don't much like lines, or people really... so I paid a homeless fellow $5 to handle my ballot and voting for me while I read Cosmo articles on sex. Don't worry, I gave him a run down of my belief system... so I am sure I will be represented. I thought a lot about whether I wanted to vote early or not. I wondered, what would be the easiest way for the Administration to discount and lose my vote. I decided I can't worry about it like that. Now they can bring in Bin Laden, or whatever 'October Surprise' they have planned and it won't impact my vote. Without fail, in about ten days they are going to raise the alert level to the tippy top. I promise it, you read it here (well, and about everywhere else too). They can cover the polls with police to scare away minorities (20,000 disenfranchised in Florida pulling this stuff folks... do your homework). I believe, and hope, that we will see Senator Kerry in a landslide! He will win handily because millions of new voters are registering every week. They aren't voting for Bush, and as first time voters... they aren't being polled. Cell Phone folks aren't being polled. You aren't being polled either. People who work for a living at 40-60 hours a week don't get polled either. You know who gets polled? Old people. Seriously, it is a fact... and in the fine print of every good poll result. The reason is because old people are home and have plenty of time to talk. Old people vote Republican, I think it is a tax thing. one last thing, the paper today reported that 25% of registered voters don't vote. Lookie here, genius. You can spend that Tuesday at work, or at the polls. You are Federally allocated 3 hours of paid time to vote if your shift falls into hours that keep you away from the polls. Your paycheck is the same, and your boss won't be at the polls. Who should you vote for? Anyone but that nutjob Nader will be ok. Bush is no good either. To me, it's pretty much down to John Kerry or Jerry Garcia.


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