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Sunday, October 17

I wonder about this

If you are traveling in the Concord, for the bulk of the trip you are travling faster than the speed of sound. For reference, the speed of sound is 770 mph, and the Concord went twice that. So, how is it possible to have a conversation with someone in the seat next to you? Technically, things you would say would not be heard until well after that fact, right? So, then I thought about this: I call it the 'capsule theory'. Don't worry, this won't get mathy... I have a degree in English, barely. So then I thought, maybe if the two people are both traveling twice the speed of sound... then somehow the stuff coming out of their mouths is also at twice the speed of sound and the person who is listening's ears are traveling at twice the speed of sound... so there is some kind of constant, right? If that is the case, how could the pilot talk to anyone on the ground in real time? What if you were on that super expensive phone on the headrest that no one ever used? Would you be able to talk to people on the ground... or only other people in other Concordes? These are things I sometimes wonder about. * ed note: I am keenly aware there is no such word as 'mathy'. That is the fault of the poindexters over at Websters. I mean, you understood what I meant, right?


Blogger Joaquim said...

You english majors have such a simplistic view of the way things work. You might want to consider that this extends to politics as well.

You have to realize that there is a medium the sound travel in. While in the concord, you could talk to the person next to you just fine because the sound waves are traveling through the air, which is trapped in the plane and has a low relative velocity with respect to you and your listener.

The pilot talks to the ground via radio waves, not sound waves, and so can converse in real time as long as his ship is not travelling near the speed of light, not sound. The radio waves are an electro-magnetic phenomena and the air does little to affect it.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me ask you this... if a bird is flying next to your car outside of your car window traveling at 70 mph alongside of your car suddenly came through your open car window would he crash into the windshield (at 70 mph) since there is no wind to create force against him?


12:31 PM  
Blogger Lono said...


Thanks for the insight. However, it was a strangely angry one. As much as I appreciate the dig on my politics being 'only an English major' and not ready for politics... I have to wonder what grand insight you can bring us as a virgin?

yeah, I know it's petty... but dude took a swing at me. I can't just lie there.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Joaquim said...


I apologize for the angry sentiment. It was a low blow and totally out of place.

I've read many of your political posts and find you funny, intelligent and sometimes even-handed. That being said, you are generally over-critical of Bush and under-critical of the left. You assume lies and malice of Bush but are seemingly unconcerned with outright lies made by Michael Moore, for example. You repeat the distortions said by the left of various Bush policies, but ignore the motivating purpose behind them, assuming them to be more Republican chicanery. That's all very typically partisan these days, of course, but it grates after awhile.

Again, apologies for the slight.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Lono said...


You are 100% correct on your observation. My views completely and totally represent the left. The thing is, like Mike Moore, I don't feel obligated to play fair with this group. Besides, Rush has 14 million listeners daily... I have ten.

Also, I think it is implied that all of politics is dirty and deceiptful and selfish. All these guys are rich bastards who didn't get rich by working a 40 hour week.

Here is an admission from the left: There is no possible way Kerry could even do half his health care plan. Who is he kidding. It is so fiscally not possible, you'd think the GOP came up with it. Big difference though, if the GOP came up with it... it wouldn't involve helping a single American. It would involve another tax loophole for big corporations.

one more for you: There is no way in hell Kerry is going to stand up to the drug companies. No one will, not even god. It can't be done. Sorta like the NRA, they are way too powerful.

2:08 PM  

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