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Tuesday, October 12

My plans for Nov 3rd

Well, I should qualify that. If the President does indeed step aside due to the will of the people - I have wondered just what I will do. I spend hours a day thinking about, listening to, and watching things pertaining to this election. It takes up all of my resources. As a friend recently said, "I'd like to take a vacation from this election, but I am afraid to take my eye of this administration". I was thinking of going back to listening to music. I used to love music; those were good times. I haven't listened to the Dead for months. The reason being, there are no known Dead songs under 37 minutes a piece. I don't have that kind of time to invest in relaxation anymore. So, when I get home from work on that Wednesday... I am going to pop something like Barton Hall, Cornell University '77 onto the stereo. Get a big bubble bath ready, make myself a big ole' bloody mary... and start to remember again how much I appreciate Democracy and the political process. Wish me luck -


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