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Wednesday, October 6

My thoughts on the debate

My thinking is that you could say Cheney won by virtue of not failing half as bad as the President did last week. Mr. Cheney was able to form sentences, full ones. Mr. Cheney also did not make an ass out of himself by pouting. I think he did do a lot of re-directing of questions and points he didn't like. This is fair... because after all, it is politics. Being as though Edwards is a lawyer, we all expected him to just kill. Regrettably, he did not. However, without question he held his own and kept Cheney to the fire. I do look forward to Friday's debate, because of the fact that last Thursday's was about National Security. That is President Bush's strong point, right? We all know he has forsaken education, health care, the environment, and the economy to make us safer. So that debate should have been a slam dunk for the GOP. So, how in the world is the president going to defend what a sinkhole he has left this country? I'd love to hear his plan. Problem is, whenever he makes a campaign promise, I can't help but think: great idea, Mr. President... so why the heck haven't you been done that yet? in parting, I have to take this dig. We are to believe we should vote for Bush because he made this country safer, right? Ok... but if you ask him why he should get another four years... Bush will say "because we aren't safe". Which is it Mr. President? Are we better off because you made us safer... or are we doomed without you making us safer after this? Whose safer in America? People are losing jobs and can't afford health care. That is who is going to break into your house needing cash... not Al Qaeda. thanks, I feel better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are totally right about all that. I can't believe how wrong I have been.
- Captain Zero

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