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Sunday, October 10

My thoughts on Friday's Debate

I made some notes from the debate. I didn't plan to, but once the President started lying, I jotted something down. It wasn't long before I had four pages of notes (on a mini pad, mind you). Here they are, and notes on them where relevant. To be fair and honest, every single one below is a direct reference to something President Bush said. Frankly, I wasn't watching Senator Kerry for lies. Mostly, the stuff that annoyed me from him was his redundant rhetoric. I guess you call them talking points, I call them re-runs. I know I am a day late with this, but I wanted to settle my emotions to be objective. I think if anything defines my work here... it is the word objective. I own a lumber company? That's news to me! Does he? I don't know. I was just amused with how self-righteous he was about it. We have added 1.9 Million jobs in the last 13 months guess what, that is so full of shit, I am not even going to look it up to refute. But, I can tell you this; after the jobs report came out on Thursday showing the growth for the quarter was much slower than expected - both the DOW and the NASDAQ fell as a direct result. The job growth was 16,000 in the last month. You do the math. "it looks we are battling with green eye shades" the president said that. I rewound the tape to make sure. I have NO idea what it means either. internets in reference to rumor mills on the internet, he used the term 'internets' and did not correct himself. I know they are both crazy rich and out of touch with you... but that 'internets' slip will be fodder for years. For example - when Clinton had never seen a cordless drill, or when Bush Sr had never seen a grocery scanner before. We are going to double the mileage of off road diesel vehicles Now this is a random quote. Interestingly, I had just read these figures the day before. The Dodge Ram (2 wheel drive) gets 9 miles per gallon. Shit, I can push a truck and be more efficient than that. All this time I was feeling like an environmental burden with my beloved Tacoma, which gets 20 mpg. Point being, even if Bush doubles a car with 9 MPG, that is still a totally unacceptable figure. when asked about 'Offshoring', the President said "we need less regulation and a better energy plan" Bullshit. As someone who has been 'Offshored' thrice in the last 4 years. I can tell you that our energy plan doesn't have shit do to with anything in this area. The jobs being offshored are intelligence jobs, and manual labor. Allow me (Lono) to state my position on outsourcing now... If you go back through my archives, you will see it is something I have had in place for years, and even Senator Kerry is now adopting it. Every private business has the right to outsource and offshore their jobs. In fact, it is their duty to do so if it can make them more successful. BUT, what we can do as Americans is two-fold. 1) end all tax subsidies for businesses moving jobs out of America. 2) have all Government jobs done from the United States. The GOP ran their fund raising call center out of India. Your tax returns? They are being audited from India as well. The Federal Government needs to be in the business of employing Americans! Lastly, the judges "with personal opinions and agendas" rant is just going to upset me too much to type. So, let's fast forward to Senator Kerry's comments, which I really liked. To paraphrase, he said that an ideal court briefing to him is one that is written so you can't tell if it was a man or woman that wrote it. Said piece should be written so you have no idea if they were liberal or conservative... black or white. Don't even get me started on the President's favorite concern about "activist judges are subverting the will of the people" - because... fucko was appointed president by said activist judges.


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