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Friday, October 15

No regrets, Coyote

I was just thinking how much more fun the debates could have been if the candidates were allowed 5 questions each to ask their opponent. I imagine it would go like this: We begin with the President's questions for John Kerry First I'd like to thank everyone here on the internets. I think of the internets as a second home.
  • Can I use my first question to ask for more questions?
  • Really?
  • Are you sure?
  • Why do you hate Freedom?
  • Why are so you mean to me?
  • What's the deal with you being so tall?
and so, here might be the Senator's question
  • Do you even hear the things you say sometimes?
  • Do even remember not lying about anything?
  • How long does it take you to get through confession every week?
  • Regardless of the election results, you don't plan on leaving, do you?
  • Did I mention how totally gay Cheney's daughter is?


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