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Wednesday, October 27

Terror Alert Raised

The President's ratings over the last year have been very closely tied to the raising of terror alerts. I say this with a complete straight face and all anticipation it will come true in the next 5 days. The White House will raise the terror alert, perhaps even to the highest. They will say they have credible evidence of chatter bla bla bla bla and how this has nothing to do with the election, but instead about keeping America safe. Just remember, you read it here. Vote now, vote early. Here in Colorado, lines are already on average an hour long to early vote. CNN mentioned (as did I, but no one listens to me) that election day lines will be hours long. Vote now, vote early. Kerry in a Landslide!


Blogger Lono said...

reader, I was TOTALLY wrong on this one. I admit it. I believed the administration did not go for the old terror warning trick. Instead, Karl Rove and his folks took a three pronged approach and went with the time test 'my opponent is gay' tactic. Yup, not even an exaggeration. When Rove is losing a campaign, everyone on the other side turns up gay. I have articles a plenty to back all this up (because if it is on the internet it is true, right?). Anyhow, I got to go to bed, tomorrow (actually today) is election day.

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