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Thursday, November 11

Blog spamming?

I got an interesting e mail, interesting in that none of you swine ever write me. It was an offer/ solicitation from a car company. They were saying how great alternative fuel cars were and as a responsible blogger, I should do a piece about it on my blog. It was in all sense a form letter, except I think the writer mentioned my blog by name, and my real name (Kevin) which I keep as a very carefully guarded secret after spending a year working in a fraud. Whoops, there it is... my name is Kevin. If the good people of Toyota know it, you might as well too.

There was also a caveat they dangled, the winning blogger entry had a chance at winning a Toyota ___ * (message blocked to keep me from being a total whore). I wish I had saved it, but I discarded it promptly before I got to thinking about its significance.

I have to admit, at first when I read the e mail I was flattered. I knew I had finally broke through to the masses with my message. About 30 seconds later, I deleted it.

We know that the ad game is hurting because us young folk spend as much time on the internet and gaming as we do on TV. I want you to know, dear reader, that I would NEVER sell you out for anything less than... like... forty bucks.

* an interesting side note: in running a spell check on this piece through MS Word, I was repeatedly told that 'blogger' is not a word. Well, I guess we see where Microsoft stands on the issue of popular and free web expression. For the love of me, change your browser to Mozilla. I did, and I am loading porn like 30% faster. That means something when you are dial up. There is only one reader I whore for, and that is you, America.


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