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Friday, November 26

Friday Fives

1) Have you ever bought and/or sold items through an online auction? Do you remember the first item that you ever purchased through an online auction (or at an online store)? Do you plan to shop online for the upcoming holiday season?
Yes. My first and probably only online auction was for some Guns & Roses stuff. Yes to the second question as well. I plan to do as much online shopping as possible. I don't like malls near the holidays... or people. 2) What is your shopping style?
Head straight for a specific store and pick up the item that you're looking for Browse through everything and then narrow down your choices from there?
My shopping style is very linear. I know exactly what I want and where it will probably be. I buy that thing and leave. I don't look for deals or browse. Never. I go in and I attack, and am out in five minutes... no matter what it is. 3) Is there someone in your life who is particularly difficult to buy gifts for? What do you usually end up getting him/her?
My dealer. What do you get for the guy who has everything, and is in jail? 4) Do you prefer to shop at big-name department stores, small family-owned gift shops, or somewhere in-between? Do you tend to patronize local stores as opposed to store chains?
Well, I don't know if ma and pa grocery stores exist. So I use King Soopers. Of course I try to patronize local merchants but they are almost obsolete. Everything is a chain - everything. The only business I have been able to find that isn't a chain is a local coffee place that just opened. So I visit him on occasion, but let's be honest... dude will be closed by Spring. Also, I don't shop at Wal Mart ever... for about a zillion reasons. 5) When's the last time that you bought something for yourself to enjoy? What was it, and when did you buy it? Do you reward yourself with gifts every so often? Why/why not?
It was the new U2 disc. Do I reward myself? No. My only indulgences are music CDs and DVDs. I buy maybe 1 a month. That's not rewarding myself. If I were to properly award myself (which I think we can all agree would be well deserved) I would go get an XBox.


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