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Friday, November 19

Friday Fives

1) What would you absolutely *love* to do, if only you weren't terribly afraid of doing it?

wow, good question. here are a few thoughts, if there were no consequences: crash a car, kill a man, fly a plane, skydive, speak publicly, and play guitar for a stadium full of disciples.

2) What's the sexiest piece of clothing that you own? How do you feel when you put it on? Where do you usually wear this clothing?

There is nothing that makes me look sexy. I am pretty gross. I am a short, fat, bald, nearsighted, and a flatfooted museum of recessive genes. Thanks for cheering me up! No wonder why I drink!

3) Do you remember the very first time that you used the Internet and/or e-mail? What was that experience like?

Yes, it was terrible. I was in college (NAU) and knew a bit about e mail (this was about 1992). We had computer labs on campus for homework and stuff. I had recently learned that every student had an e mail account by default. So I went to the computer lab and asked the girl how to work all this and she was a
see you next Tuesday about the whole thing. I guess maybe e mail was super obvious to her, but it wasn't to me. It wasn't like gui internet based point and click stuff either. It was a PINE DANA account. This was one of the original inventions and mediums of the internet to use... between colleges. I didn't discover porn until almost 10 years later.

4) What words in the English language do you think are completely overused? Do you find yourself saying any of them? If you could ban particular words from the English language, would you? Why? What words would you choose?

I have my own vocab vices, no question. However, as an English grad I have the unique position of justifying every word I use as genius and insightful.

5) It's cold and flu season, unfortunately. What things have always helped you feel better when you're under the weather? What remedies do you remember being given when you were a child?

the first trick is to be out of work. Call out. Second, have considerable and unfettered access to TV. Third, be high... super high. I mean like half a bottle of Nyquil high. After that, you don't even worry about the cold. At least, that is my technigue.

from the benevolent Roy, always


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