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Wednesday, November 17

the future is good

Apparently, people like me aren't called liberals anymore. We are called progressives. Whatever you want to call me is fine. Here is how I think of a good progressive future, which you are free to pick apart because there are probably great taxation issues in my vision. Anyhow, this is how a liberal/ progressive future looks to me
  • your car/truck is hybrid. All you need to know is you only fill it up once a month
  • your tax burden is less because all of the illegal immigrants working here would be paying into the tax base
  • minimum wage is raised at least half as often as Congress gives themselves a raise (they are on their seventh raise since Minimum Wage was raised in 1996. Can you imagine working for a company since 1996 and having never got a raise? I have worked for the same company (plus or minus lay offs) since 1997 and am making almost three times what I was paid back then. Even if this didn't raise minimum wage more often, it would certainly slow down congress' self evaluation.
  • Imagine subsidized education, where a high school grad with good grades could go to a community college of his/her choice. Here is the catch, if you drop out... you have to pay it back.
What do you think? I didn't touch health care, that one is too complicated. If you want to know where subsidized higher ed comes from, I have two ideas. First off, your tax base is way stronger because of the millions of illegal immigrants are now paying into the system. Yeah, even Bush said it - legalize them! Next, charge $5 a gallon for gas, like the rest of the world pays. Here is one more bonus for your tax base - sell alcohol on Sundays. Also, don't gimme that lip about "if we raise minimum wage the small business owners would have to cut jobs." If people are making more, they are spending more. We have to at least keep up with inflation here folks. One last thing. You know how they say marriage is an institution? They were close, marriage is an industry. I got married last year and weddings are BIG business here in America. Let the gays get married, it is good for the economy. They wouldn't be buying the cheap shit either... it would be first class all the way.


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