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Friday, November 5

The Hockey Strike

Well, I am finally ready to discuss the hockey strike. It has taken me some time to post this because I don't care much about hockey, and care less when pro-athletes strike. Here is the deal, I bet that salaries are out of control, and I bet both sides do have reasonable complaints. I don't care - screw them! Screw the owners and the players and the fans, if they are willing to tolerate this. So, as I often do, I will make an analogy. I just found out my boss makes way more money than I do. Also, you wouldn't believe how much the company is making - off MY labor. So I have decided to strike my cushy office job. No more sitting here and reading CNN like a total chump. Nope, I'll be outside in the cold walking for 8 hours a day with my sign. That'll learn 'em! WRONG - They brought me in with the expectations of what and how I would be compensated. I had the opportunity to walk right then. I also had the opportunity to say "yeah, well how much to you make?" Now I am sure it is more complicated than that... but I have no respect for people who are making millions doing what they love - and complaining. Both my employer and I are doing quite well, so why stir the pot? So I could make more? After three lay-offs I am just happy for a job. Wanna know a secret? For what I do, my company frankly overpays me. You don't hear that often, do you? It's true, so I am a grateful and loyal employee. Plus, I got a whole garage of cell phones and lawnmowers I could sell you really cheap. Don't worry, I filed the serial numbers off the lawn mowers. These babies are clear for customs, if you know what I mean.


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Been looking for your response to my last post. Waited. Still waiting. Ditto on the hockey analogy....Merry Christmas...Sallyann

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