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Saturday, November 27

New shoes

Hey reader, how are your shoes? Really? Umm, it turns out you are wrong. Your shoes suck.

Don't worry, mine do too. I say that, because they probably don't have a "self activating pump that inflates itself after you slip into it and take a few steps". It's from Reebok, and you don't have it. Neither do I.

I was thinking about getting instead the new Carmelo Anthony sneakers. It costs $120 for the shoes from the young talent. Dude is 19, I think (joined the NBA right from High School) and he has a shoe deal. I hear the new Carmelo shoes come with a stash pocket for your friend's pot,too. I talked with my boss today, and it doesn't look like I am getting a shoe deal this year at all. To quote him "Son, you are a janitor... and frankly not a good one. Why would someone want a janitor shoe?" Fuck that guy! What a stupid gyp!

Don't buy that shoe though, otherwise in a year you are going to look dumber than you do now. Why? Adidas is coming out a $250 shoe that "features a fit adjusting computer chip."

Not me though, I already got that. I kicked in another fax machine at work on Friday and I now have all kinds of cool electronics embedded in my Converse.

Take care and stay warm!


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