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Wednesday, November 3

Thoughts on the Election

To quote a line, it looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue. I am heartbroken, angry, and confused. I can't possibly imagine how a single thinking sentient being could have selected Bush, but you did. To be honest, at least he did it fair and square this time. I have lost all respect for Americans. Here it is, and I am writing it down to be held against me at a later date - today I am ashamed to be an American. How terrible is that? Pretty terrible, but the world hates us now for sure. That means a lot to me. I am fond of the world, and think it might make a good ally one day. I'm no Fonzie though, I can say it: I was wrong. I was wrong about the election, about Ohio, and about the youth vote. For today, and today only, I will drape a banner over the title of the page and we'll just call it "Man on man, was I wrong!" It's not you I am angry at, dear reader. Wait, yes it is. It is exactly and specifically YOU. How could you let this happen? How could you vote for this fucker? You got the president you deserve.


Blogger Joaquim said...

Don't feel so bad. Everyone's wrong sometimes, and this time your side was wrong. At least you have the balls to admit it. The big question is, do you have to balls to honestly consider why you lost? Answer in a nutshell: Democrats can win in urban areas, but you don't have a truly nationwide coalition of the sort that average Americans in flyover country can stomach. How about laying off the Blame-America-First shit and start talking about vigorously defending our nation from those who wage war against us? Lip service from the likes of John Kerry doesn't cut it. Michael Moore posting a mosaic of American casualties making up an image of our President really cuts to the heart of the issue. Tasteless and insulting.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Joaquim said...

Don't mean to rub it in but this sounds reasonable to me:


12:20 PM  
Blogger Lono said...


Thanks for your comments. It is totally true that Dems seem to have no hold whatsoever in middle America. From the returns and readin I have done, it is apparent that 'middle america' john q public is totally and completely freaked out by gays.

Frankly, they do not offend me or threaten me... and I would not expect to cast them out of the Democratic party. They are a minority though, and so gay rights are not central to any platform.

Next, you said:
How about laying off the Blame-America-First shit and start talking about vigorously defending our nation from those who wage war against us?

I would love to do that. I think it would be super if we got a commander in chief who went after Al Quaida. I'd be thrilled to help take down Bin Laden, and stand up to Saudi Arabia. Last week, Iran voted to Enrich Uranium in their congress all the while telling 'Death to America'. So let's have a talk with these folks. These are all wonderful ideas. These are not things being accomplished right now. Also, our army is SO decimated by being in Iraq (9 of 10 units) that Canada could invade us right now. Feel safer now?

1:39 PM  
Blogger Joaquim said...

There is little point in carrying on like this; you and I seem to be speaking different languages. I thought the results of this election would force some reflection on the validity of your rhetoric but that's apparently not going to happen.

Gays don't freak me out at all, in fact I would vote for government recoginition of gay relationships. What freaks me out is judicial activism that forces gay marriage on the electorate. We have a way of bringing about change in this republic and it is often slower than advocates want. Judges imposing laws with dubious legal arguments is the wrong way to do it. Incidentally, while I'm pro-abortion, Roe v. Wade bothers me in the exact same way. This causes much of the intense polarization we see today on these issues.

On the War on Terror you are not open to considering that the Iraq theater is integral to our efforts. Do you realize that after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the first US Army offenses were in North Africa? We are currently engaged in WWIV, and our enemy is broader than Al Qaida. Our enemy is the cult of death in the Islamic world. The battlefield is in the minds of Muslims and if we can eventually help Iraq become prosperous and democratic, the effect will be profound on people in that troubled corner of the world.

This election is a chance for you to ask yourself many questions about your paradigm. The rhetoric you use failed to resonate with Americans for a reason. Look beyond the charged words and you may find an outlook that survives the collision with reality.


9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it reprehensible that you would think that after the election results were in that all the liberals would finally sit back and realize that their views are unfounded and finally come around to the right. I'm sure if Kerry were to have won, that you would have felt just as disappointed and ashamed as close to half of all Americans that voted for Kerry do now. I really don't think Lono was admitting he was wrong about his political viewpoints, rather that he was wrong regarding his faith that Americans would finally think critically about their leader and how his actions affect not only thier everyday lives, but also of those around the world, and cast their vote accordingly for Kerry. Based on your logic though, I'll be looking forward to your reflection and subsequent change in ideology to a more liberal viewpoint when a real Democratic leader wins in 2008.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Lono said...


You said: What freaks me out is judicial activism that forces gay marriage on the electorate.

Man oh man does this frustrate me. First, let us not ever use the term 'activist judges' which the president opposes, since he was appointed by activist judges. No one is forcing gay marriage on anyone. That is such a stupid theory. I have often joked that a central part of the Democratic platform is that everyone get gay married. It is a ludicrous play on fear... but this election (and your comments) show you all really believe the gays are taking over. Gays want to be able to share benefits and pass on assets - legal recognition. Every human deserves that opportunity.

As for you thoughts on Iraq, we simply differ on strategy. Clearly we are involved in a holy war with Islam. My thinking though, would be to maybe attack the places that we know the terrorist are: Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arbabia. Those are the 'theatres of war' we should be concentrating on.

by the way, I totally enjoy a spirited dialogue... so keep writing.

Take care,

6:37 PM  
Blogger Joaquim said...

Cheers, Lono!

Gays: I'm not paranoid that they're taking over. I have no problem with homosexuality. I do start to get nervious when the Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that the state legistlature must write a law to recognize gay marriage. That's not theory, that's fact. Can you see why people wouldn't like that? It's a subversion of the system. The people's representatives should make that decision. In any event, this issue pales in comparison to...

War on Terror: you dismiss our differences as being about strategy. You say we shouldn't have attacked Iraq, we should have gone after some of the more obvious enemies. (1) With Iraq we had a pretext (Saddam violating cease fire agreements and numerous UN resolutions). (2) Would the pacifist left have supported any military efforts against Sausi Arabia or Iran given the weaker pretexts we had for either? No: they would have fought the Bushitler every step of the way.

I never heard a convincing strategy from the left to win the war on terror, only nitpicking. John Kerry lost millions of votes on this issue.

10:18 AM  

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