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Saturday, November 20

U2 could use some press

America, we need your help here. The word on the downlow is U2 has a new disc coming out soon. I have discovered this rockin' little quartet out of Dublin. Frankly, I think they could be the greatest band in rock, if only people knew who they were... or that there was an album coming out next week. Why is it such a secret? Could we get a little press for these guys? Could someone maybe leak a song ahead of time or something? I fear this new U2 disc will disappear off the shelves into the bargain bins because of an apathetic media afraid to embrace these kids from Ireland. If anyone out there can find an article, no matter how tiny... read it. I guess the singer is super shy, so no one really knows what he looks like. Too bad, dude is decent looking and could sell freakin' handheldcomputers if he put his mind to it. This is a 'can do' story getting buried by the typically liberal media machine who are always on the lookout for the nobodies and the underground. When will someone ackowledge the superstars?


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