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Wednesday, November 10

What a year

It has been a year since I started this endeavor. I am getting more comfortable with HTML and creative writing, so always expect better. A lot has changed here, what is new with you? Just kidding, no one cares. Get your own web site. 2005 is going to be most excellent, at least for me. Thanks for reading. Without you, the reader, everything would still be the same. Don't flatter yourself. Sorry, I can't help but be a wise-ass. It is genetically installed. Thanks for reading, and I'll have new content up no later than Friday. I am still hashing out some new features for the blog, including photos and weather. However, the heart of 'I am Correct' will always be my ranting and mis-informed screeds. I will try not to keep the site too aesthetically busy to distract from that. I do want to add more features to give the site a well rounded feel, without spending a dime. Stay warm, Lono


Blogger Joaquim said...

Happy blog-birthday, Lono. You work hard to keep us entertained and we appreciate it. By the way, you look even more stunning than I imagined.

4:51 PM  

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