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Monday, December 27

Aw, crap!

So I was driving through Northern Arizona and checking out random radio stations in the market. I just hit the seek button and see what comes up. More often than not, no matter where I am, it is Country. Blech! So after a few tries I come across Prince doing 1999. Cool, I thought, and turned it up. Next was Wham doing Careless Whispers. Make jokes if you want, but that is a great song. After that we had Bon Jovi rockin. I was quite please with this station, and decided to stick with it even through a commercial break. When they came back from the station break, I heard the news I had always feared...

Welcome back to Northern Arizona's home of the Oldies

What? Huh? What did he say? Oldies? No way, Oldies is crap my parents listen to. Worse, Oldies are the crap your parents listen to. I am only 32, and hip. I got the new U2 album, I listen to Tool, surely Oldies don't apply to me. I did a search. Turns out Oldies do apply to me. I am such a loser. I guess I'll just go home and load up my iPod with Pat Benetar now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you were going end it with a song from Metallica came on and you realized that your stuff is now the 'Oldies' causing you to face the bitter realization that you are now in the middle age old fart catagory...

Now thats an ending.


3:12 PM  

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