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Monday, December 27

I am home

over 2 thousand miles later and I am home from the holidays. Speaking of Miles, you may know I took my cat, Miles, with me on the trip for medical reasons. Have you ever wondered what a 12 hour drive sounds like with an angry sick cat? Wonder no more, compadres... because I have the precious data you have been awaiting. It sounds EXACTLY like you would think it would sound. 12 hours of angry meowing! Funny? no. Funny is when he pissed and shit himself somewhere outside of Albuquerque and I had to clean him up at a gas station winshield washing station at 3 am in 30 degree weather.

Wanna know what that looks like? Here is a pic of Miles taken the day before we left. He had to have this thing on through two weeks of travel, and you know how much cats love cars.

No worries though, lesson learned on cat travel. Plus, his owie is all healed and he is healthy and happy. Oh yeah, one last thing... I got an iPod for Christmas. I am pretty stoked and am playing with it now. Anyhow, chances are my next few posts may be iPod driven if this thing works like it should. It appears it will hold all my CDs (about 300-ish) and can broadcast (with an Attachment) to any nearby radio. This means it will replace my Cds all together. It will work in my truck, at my desk, and on the home stereo too.

Hope your Christmas was great, and we'll talk soon! I drove 10 hours today (world landspeed record from Arizona, by the way) and just got in. Need to go to bed as I have to work tomorrow.


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