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Saturday, December 11

Ok, I have some new photo software to play with... so let's get to it. As you know, I use this site to raise the bar of social dialogue. We have tackled some tough issues here in these pages; politics, law, government, racism, and weather. I do this because too much of the internet is spent by small minded people extolling their small minded views. We are better than that, here. Well, I mean... everyone has to take a day off right? I can't always be your moral compass here people. It's the weekend, so let's just take a deep breath... and make fun of these guys relentlessly.

reign Posted by Hello

I have no idea who they are. I just stumbled across it on the net... and so probably have no right to publish it. To be fair though, these guys have no right looking that dumb. I am pretty confident that this is a publicity still for a band. That tells us a lot, sociologically. First off, it means they dressed like that on purpose... this is not a 'candid' shot. Second, they paid big money to have this taken professionally. Third, they feel that in the absence of hearing their music... this photo fairly represents them and speaks to their musical style. Oh, and lastly... they are probably handing these out to girls and bar managers as we speak. Oh, the humanity.

I should add I am no better than these guys. I am a musician who doesn't even have the courage to get out and form a band. Instead I hide in the basement, rocking secretly. Wait, update. Yes, we have it confirmed. I am way better than these guys... I mean, what a bunch of tools! If nothing else, at least you don't have to look at me.


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