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Thursday, December 30

the President fails the world again

Ok, I have not said a single thing about Bush in two months. I left him alone to run the country, and even publicly acknowledged that he won fair and square. I have to write about his response to the Tsunami though. In the wake of the biggest natural disaster in history, the President took four days to make a statement and show his face. Why? He was on vacation. I am sure you have heard he spent over a third of his first term on vacation. Whatever, that is in the past. However, when 100,000 people are killed and at least that many missing, guess what vacation is over. In fact, as the world's most powerful and influential person... his vacation should have been over within an hour of the news. What a colossal asshole!

Four days? Four days! I guess we now understand why he sat in that classroom for 7 minutes silently while the United States was under attack. Politics aside, there are all things that make us a community - I believe a disaster is one of those things.

As for the 35 million dollars he proposed in aid, know that his inauguration party set for January is costing 50 million. As Roy said, how about sending that 50 million over to the East and having a 'Texas BBQ with a few hundred people in a football stadium? Not only would it do wonders for our public image, but you could charge spectators $30 a person to come and see & hear the president. Heck, hold it in Texas stadium.

anyhow, four days to acknowledge 100,000 dead... because he was on vacation. What an asshole!

* I have put up a new link to the Red Cross' online donation site on the left. This is your chance to keep last year's resolution to do more for charity. I am also aware that it took me 5 days to acknowledge the disaster here, instead choosing to gloat about my iPod. I will take my lumps for that. I am going in tomorrow on my day off to work at the Red Cross' call center though... so I ain't all talk.


Blogger Lono said...

You may have heard that the US has upped it's contribution to 350 Million, tenfold it's original offer. I understand from senior White House officials that the move was a direct response from the pressure of this site. Thank you readers, together we make a difference!

7:14 PM  

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