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Wednesday, December 1

Re-Discovering Wilco

I am an American aquarium drinker, I assasin down the avenue. I am hiding out in the big city blinking, what was I thinking when I let go of you? That is the first line from Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which is a masterpiece. I say I am rediscovering it because it is several years old. I initially got a copy of it before we went to England in the Spring. I listened to it driving around the English country side for hours, it was amazing. When I got back, the disc was packed away with a bunch of other crap... so I forgot about it. Recently though we caught Wilco at the Fillmore and the show was amazing. It is powerful and fun and great and loud. All the things you expect from a rock show, but not from Wilco. So, my interest was further peaked in the band again, especially with the masterpiece 5 star disc Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. That first song just slays me, it is so powerful and quiet. I have been listening to it over and over again for the last week, since I finally pried the new U2 out of my truck's CD player. Along with my renewed interest, I decided to Netflix the documentary of the making of that album, which is called 'I am trying to break your heart'. It follows the band through the recording of the album. It was a crazy time; the lost a record deal, they reshuffled the line up, got a record deal. It is an interesting movie, and one I recommend watching after you get a good feel for the album. The band is the story of a moody cat named Jeff Tweedy. He is the talent, vision, and songwriter for the band. Anyhow, go pick up the album already.


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