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Friday, January 28

Friday Fives

1. Attacked by Locusts. Do you apply a suave, a balm or a pultice. Explain.

I see you are going biblical on me, and I enjoy the challenge. In that we are now at one of the seven seals describing the apocolypse and coming judgement, I have just realized I was dead wrong about the whole athiest thing. My best hope here is the fabled 'deathbed recant' and quick switch to Christianity for a 9th inning soul save!

2. We have discussed what you would take to a desert island. But now for where. Where is your "desert island" that you retreat to in your imaginary world

My therapist says I spend far too much time daydreaming which is why I lose every job and have failed at every relationship. So nice try, and fuck you... Roy! I am going back to work.

3. Have you ever been a "Storm Chaser" and been an active participant in some really severe weather?

No, and yes. I am no storm chaser... but I am a weather dork. I have two weather stations in my house, and one in my truck. Last year I went to sign up for a meteorology class at the 'free' college, but there wasn't one. Sad, but true. I do have a pretty cool weather story though. A couple of years ago I was in a Tornado! I did not see a tornado, nor was I near one. I was IN one. It literally landed right in my neighborhood, so I couldn't see it coming. Now, you know when a tornado comes you should get downstairs far away from windows, right? Not me, baby. I grabbed by dij and filmed the bastard! It was awesome, and tore the crap outta my house. Don't believe me, Bubba? Here are the picures! By the way, the first two pictures are of my house get hitting by the Tornado, but were obviously not taken from me. Ironically, these photos were taken by a friend at work (who had no idea I was in the tornado).

4. Phillip Johnson died and got me thinking about my childhood dream of being an architect. What career path do you wish you had taken when you had the chance.

golly, I don't know. My true joy is music, as you readers know. However, I posess not the talent to make that a career. That being said, I am quite happy.

5. Homer Simpson poses the question: "If you could make a better beer, what kind of a beer would you make?"

Well, I can make better beer. When I make beer I shoot for; flavor, alcohol content, and clarity. All of these can be achieved and manipulated with some skill and learning. I guess I would be interested in finding a way to infuse a brew with caffeine and not have it impact the flavor.

As always, thanks to Roy for our questions today... and for getting me started on the whole blog thing.


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