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Tuesday, January 25

I am back from Mexico

Paradise Village Posted by Hello

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I was off vacationing in Mexico again. I couldn't tell you earlier, because I didn't want you to rob my house. Anyhow, Mexico was amazing as usual. I did some swimming, tanning, drinking, deep sea fishing, boogie boarding, shopping, snorkeling, and translating (I was one of two who speak Spanish for the whole group. It's great, because I can tell everyone 'my dumb gay retarted friend here would like another cerveza' and no one would be the wiser. Then, the waiter says in Spanish 'what is your room number to bill this?' I tell my friends that the waiter is hitting on them and wants to know if they are gay too. Anyhow, I left a link and a picture of the resort, Paradise Village in Peurto Vallarta. It was a really terrific time, and we married off two very close friends while we were out there.

anyhow, on with the belated Friday Fives


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