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Friday, January 28


President Bush is requesting 80 billion dollars for Iraq. We have already spent 151 billion. Instead of attacking this country and killing 1300 young Americans and 100,000 people in Iraq we might have done one of the following with the money and without the blood. Sent 7 million young people to college with 4 year scholarships. Sent 20 million children thru the HEAD START program. Built 1.3 million homes for people who are homeless. Paid FULL health care for 90 million Americans (including dental and eyecare) Hired more than 2 million teachers. Funded every AIDS program in the world for the next 15 years. Immunized EVERY child in the world for the next 50 years. Funded every Food program in the World for 6 years. (30,000 die evry 24 hrs from hunger)

These figures do not include the 80 billion requested.

How can this be the best use of this money?


Blogger simmons said...

democrat are we? i liked it.

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