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Friday, February 4

Friday Fives

1. How would you describe the style of furniture in your home right now? American Furniture Warehouse

2. Do you have a piece of your childhood bedroom furniture in your home? Sadly no. My family just sold my whole childhood in one fell swoop. In fact, as we speak there is a new family moving in. I guess 30 years in one house don't mean much. Not that I am bitter. However, I do still have my Teddy Bear from childhood. I am quite proud of that. He has undergone several emergency surgeries over the years though, with all the dogs and such.

3. What's the oldest piece of furniture that you own? That would be a beuatiful old china hutch that was my wife's grandmothers. I am proud to have that kind of history, especially since my mother sold my childhood just last week.

4. Have you ever tried making a piece of furniture by hand? What about refinishing? Yes to the second part. My roommate had this ugly huge wooden coffee table that was spray painted black We beat that table senseless. I finally decided one sunny day to sand it down and stain it. It turned out to be a really beautiful peice of furniture. Also, all the damage that created pits stood out after I stained it... so each story of the table became sealed in time forever. I know that is a rather dramatic recreation of a table, but shortly after that my roommate died from cancer... so the table meant a lot.

5. If we looked right now, what would we most likely find on your living room coffee table? What about on the nightstand in your bedroom?

We don't have a proper coffee table because of the dog. She has a tail that is really dangerous and painful (she is a black jab). So we can't keep anything at coffee table level because Maury dog sweeps it off. It's pretty funny actually. Regarding my night stand, what's on it? a clock and a cordless phone. What's in it? porn and medicine and junk.


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