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Saturday, February 5

Richard Pryor: Not Dead Yet

Good day. Today we are going to discuss Richard Pryor for a number of reasons. One, he is black... and this is black history month. Two, he is not doing well and is near death. Three, his is one of the very few comedians who never sold out. This comes to mind because Ice Cube has the #1 movie in the country for the 4th week, called 'Are we there yet?'.

What a bunch of horse shit this movie is. I mean, I want black actors and musicians and anyone to cross over and be successful. All artists deserve opportunity, but I get cheesed off when I see that success come at the cost of sacrificing everything the artist established himself on. I mean, Ice Cube was famous for words like these:
Get off my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here

and is now doing zany PG rated family films. That is bullshit! Same with Eddie Murphy. Remember when he (Eddie) was the funniest and riskiest guy alive in entertainment? Now he does Daddy movies - SELL OUT.

I am not here to pick on successful black people, we have Republicans for that. I am here to note that Richard Pryor has become wildly loved and respected and successful without pandering to the man. Richard Pryor was bold, insanely honest, and a role model for every funny person alive.

We owe a debt to Pryor. We do because he made us face black issues, and let us laugh about it. We owe him a debt because he was never afraid to be black ass black. Dude did not describe himself as 'African America', but as a nigger. There it is, I used the 'N' word. Richard Pryor is a great Black, a great Comedian, a great civil rights pioneer, and a great man.


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