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Thursday, February 3

Tax Time!

Good day. You got your W2, right? ok, get to work on your taxes. Seriously, you are not waiting until April. This is not college. I'd like to bring it down and talk to you personally. Can we bring the lights down a bit? Shhh. Yes, we'll get to that.

I want you to pay your taxes. I want you to pay every single cent you owe. Trust me, no one is more ideologically opposed to where that money is going than me. Where is it going? Slush funds for huge corporations and war profiteers. Anyhow, pay them. Cheating on your taxes isn't cool. Know why? Because you not paying your taxes screws me, John Q Taxpayer.

Know why your car insurance is so much? Because you have to pay for all the uninsured drivers on the road too. Know why medical bills are so much? Because of all the uninsured drawing services and not paying in. Same with taxes. Your burden is so high because you are one of 7 people in the entire country paying into the tax base. True, and I am one of the others. So if you pull that bullshit about how your football tickets and convertible are a write off - then I get stuck paying for all the schools and roads.

So be cool, and be smart. Do your taxes this weekend, and don't cheat. As an initial peace offering and goodwill gesture, I'll copy you my Turbotax for free. See, funny story about that. Apparently last year like 50 million tax returns were prepared by Turbotax, said the Government. Problem was that Turbotax said they only sold about 18 million copies.


Blogger Lono said...

change of plans - it turns out that we are not getting 2 grand back like we usually do. This year we owe 2 grand. So, um, it's back to cheating and lying.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Grainger said...

do you really owe two grand...?

I am going to owe more this year!


10:29 PM  

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