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Thursday, March 3

Friday Fives

1. If you needed to get ahold of The "A" Team to handle a personal crisis for you, would you know where to turn?

It's common knowledge. They are based out of Los Angeles. You place an ad in the want ads and Hannibal will contact you very discreetly. He'll be in a disguise, see, to make sure you aren't the Feds. If you check out, he'll reveal himself and someone all your woes will be fixed by means of a lawnmower rigged into a tank of sorts.

2. Hunter Thompson is dead. In his spirit, what is the Gonzo-ist road trip you have ever taken?

on more than one occasion in High School we decided in the middle of the night to drive to Los Angeles, which was 8 hours away. One of those trips took my little blue Celica. Had to fly home. Yes sir, funny story about that. See, I didn't tell my mom I was going to LA for the weekend. She just thought I was at a friend's house. So, I call my mom about 6 pm Sunday evening. She says "where are you, dinner is ready." I say "I'm at Walgreens". She says "hurry home, it's still hot." I say "Well, actually I am at Walgreens in Los Angeles. Oh, and my car is dead and I can't get home." Needless to say she was not amused, and that story is 100% true (show up any thanksgiving at our house, you'll hear hundreds of stories like that about me.)

3. We were taken out to dinner on the company dime last night to a nice, swank steakhouse. What is the best meal you have ever eaten that you didn't have to pay for?

Ever? isn't that kinda heavy? Like you, work seems to treat me awfully good. That is why I am still there after a few layoffs and nearly eight years. Is that a good enough answer? No, that was a cop out. I guess the Christmas eve dinner we make as a family whenever I get back to Phoenix is a high point for me. Last Christmas we had shrimp and lobster and roast and it was our last Christmas together in my childhood house and everyone was there. I mean, there are simply no better memories then stuff like that.

4. Botox? Collagen? Plastic surgeriesl nip and tuck? Hair club for men? How far will you go to preserve your youth?

Well, I guess it's no secret around the blogosphere that I have had a LOT of work done.

5. Ever tracked your biorythms? Are you having a good day or a bad day? Any other crap like this you might hold on to from time to time?

Tracked my biorhythyms? No, sounds like crap. However, I was into meditation in college. It is good for the soul, especially when you have that much free time. How is my day? Basically over as I write this Thursday night. Heading to bed now, tomorrow is a big day. I am interviewing folks for our department all day, then rehearsing for a show I am playing with a friend Sunday at a local bar. Oh, by the way. I just went to that 'Biorhythms' link. What a bunch of horseshit. Stay wonderful and have a good weekend. I love you, and I love you more for stopping in to read. Do yourself a favor and go volunteer somewhere, even if it's at your neighbors... you fat fuck!


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