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Thursday, March 31

Friday Fives

1. Cholula? Tobasco? Tapatio? Bruce's? What is your favorite hot sauce and what do you like it served with?

I am not much of a hot sauce guy, though I love spicy food. I actually prefer everything possible to be smothered in Hatch green chilis.

2. Friends is over. ER is getting lame. Reality TV plagues the airwaves. What do you now consider "Must See TV?"

Mythbusters on Discovery (Wednesday nights) and Arrested Development on Fox (Sunday nights)

3. If you could be a ringer in the White House press room, what SOFTBALL question would you throw to Scott Mclellan.

are you kidding me? What f'm softball question hasn't been asked? This administration has NEVER been taken to task properly by the media. Just don't get me started, I think every one of them should be imprisoned for life. They are murderers, liars, and war profiteers. I told y'all I wasn't gonna spend my time pissing on the president. He won fair and square. but if you ask me point blank like this...

4. You know "they" are watching you. They watch at work, they watch you in traffic. They see you at the store. What is it they recently saw that has embarrassed you the most.

um... probably this (safe for work).

5. In light of, or rather, in honor of Teri and Michael S, of Pinellas Park, Fl, take a moment and craft a light haiku. (remember, the format is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.)

I think that the pope (5)
Should be a bigger concern (7)
than vegetable (5)

thanks as always to the wonderful and talented Roy for our questions this week.


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