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Tuesday, March 29

How to spot evil

I think we need to look at a new paradigm for evil in this world. The lack of Democracy doesn't make someone evil. Also, the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction isn't a good qualifier either. Know why? Everybody has them, everybody. Know how we know? Cause we sold them to everyone.

So what makes for an evil empire? Well, I have a new litmus test... how you treat your sports heroes. You may remember that Hitler was unhappy with the great German boxer Max Schmelling's performance against Joe Lewis and so sent him to the Russian Front.

Perhaps you don't remember that, it was a while ago. More recently you probably heard about the torture chamber that Udai Hussein had build underneath his house specifically for the Iraqi Olympic soccer team because they lost. I think they were all killed off as well. Yup, that is pretty evil.

So today we have this news; the President of Mali (a small mom & pop country in Africa) publically freaked on his national soccer team... on national TV.
"All the consequences of the players' acts will backfire," Maiga said without elaborating on Monday, a day after the match and hours of street violence. Government spokesman Ousmane Thiam told them they were "a disappointment" and "did not perform to expectations"
Ouch! That stings! It reminds me of something like that which happened to me. Do you remember that time my dad yelled at me in front of the whole little league team? No? Boy, I sure do... and it stung. My therapist says it is one of the three pillars of sadness that formed my dis-associative personality problem. Now imagine the friggin' President going on TV to talk shit about you. I imagine it might go something like this:
A Message from the President of the United States of America Good evening, America. Thank you for letting me into your homes this evening. I have an urgent issue which I think all Americans need to know about and to hear it right from me. America, Donovan McNabb is a total pussy. Seriously, y'all... he laid down in that superbowl quicker than dictator in a spider hole. I want Donovan and his team to know they are no longer friends of America, and from now on we'll just root for Peyton Manning.
Yeah, that'd be pretty f'd up now wouldn't it?


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