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Monday, March 28

I'm a dot commer now, baby!

I did it! After a year of hemming and hawing, I finally bought up the domain name 'I am' (which looks like this Just between you and I, it will be the exact same site... just much easier to find. In the old days, you might have said "you must to go Lono's site. He is brilliant and handsome and quite possibly the future of eJournalism (just made that term up, pretty sweet huh!). His site is at I am correct dot blogspot dot com. No more of that, suckers! I am finally a major player on the international scene.

So, I just sit back here and watch the cash roll in, right? I think I should start the process by offering myself a very handsome stock deal. I used to worry that securing a URL like 'I am correct' would be a pretty petty and narcissistic thing to do. Plus, what if I wasn't right? I would be out there in print for the world to see. Fortunately, barring Bush getting elected, I haven't been wrong yet. So the way I see it, it is my moral obligation to share my vision with you.

So thank you for making this so much fun. Thanks for stopping in and reading. We'll talk again soon.

best regards,
CEO, CFO, Board of Directors, President, and IT support for I am Correct®


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