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Sunday, March 13

the Ken Lay defense

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So, Ken Lay (of Enron fame) was on 60 minutes tonight explaining why he is totally innocent. He took one of the most successful companies in America and drove it into the ground. How powerful was he? Well, President Bush used Enron's planes to campaign in. Anyhow, several folks are in jail, and nearly every single employee lost not just their job... but their entire retirement. See, Enron had the folks invest their future only in Enron. So Ken Lay was the head of the company, the big cheese, CEO.

I could go on and on about this gentlemen's evils, or why he should be beaten to death by the thousands of empoyees whose future he robbed. I won't though, because I am above that. So tonight dude said he was totally innocent. Yup, he pulled the Gary Barnett defense (I had no idea my students were raping and boozing and assaulting and embellzing school funds to get high school kids hookers and keggers). At which point in time, the 60 minutes person (some brand new guy) guy went for the perfect Gary Barnett offense (aren't you culpable then for having no idea what goes on inside your own organization?).

The moral of the story is this: Ken Lay is super guilty for one of two reasons. Either he completely orchestrated the hiding of all that debt which destroyed the company's value by over estimating non existant profits ---- OR ----- He should be fired for his huge and powerful company completely falling apart under his watch while he had no idea what was happening. Either way, the Gary Barnett defense doesn't work.

Ok, one last thing. I don't want to hear a single stupid comment like 'Why do you Democrats hate success?'. Seriously, that concept is so tired and so wrong. I love success, I am successful... and a great benefactor of capitalism. What I hate is people who take advantage of others.

I leave you with this image >

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Blogger T. Stark said...

Oh no -- What did Tim Conway do?

12:44 PM  
Blogger Lono said...

Turns out him and Harvey Corman had a nasty falling out.

The Feds have issued a 'dorf alert' until pro golfing instructor Dorf turns up safe.

3:32 PM  

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