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Wednesday, March 16

Ward Churchill controversy - my final thoughts

In a relentless effort to further smear Churchill's name, investigators have found some pretty troubling details. He has been caught speeding at least twice. Just last year he was identified as conditioning, yet skipping the shampoo step altogether. Investigators find early photos of Churchill wearing a belt that clearly does not match his shoes either. He has gone on record referring to African Americans as 'blacks' and was unearthed to be holding at least three different library books with fines well into the hundreds of dollars. There are confirmed reports that he hates puppies and doesn't tip well either.

The point being folks: Get off his dick and move on with your lives. The guy isn't worth our energy. He is a dirt bag coattail riding narcissist punk with a monster chip on his shoulder. He has been caught plagiarizing text, art forgery, threatening multiple parties, possibly lying about being even remotely Native American, possibly lied about time in the Service etc. I say possibly because this guy isn't worth the 2 hours of research I should do to make this a better piece with more linkable proof to my points.

This guy is a thug and a liar, and so is beneath me spending the evening researching him. I am not bothered too much about what he said in his fabled essay. It was recently reported the beleaguered university had bought him out of his contract. That fell apart when more allegations of misdeeds surfaced. What bothers me is everything this asshat has done and said every second since then. If he really wanted to be a hero, he would have shunned the cameras and gone back to teaching.

It is really sad to see someone who thinks everything they do is great and that every opinion they have must be shared with the world. What drives a man to such obvious cries for attention and obsessive pettiness? I mean, thank god I snaked '' before he did... because at least with my all consuming self importance, I am decently funny.

So stop talking about him, you are giving it energy. If you need something to talk about, and clearly you do, use me! This will be my last post on dude hopefully forever.


Blogger Al said...

Lono, when you're right, you're right. Many people, me included, have spent far more time concerning ourselves with this schmuck than what he deserves.

What say we just have a quick hanging, and be goddam good and done with it?

Yee haw!

8:19 PM  
Blogger Lono said...

turns out I was wrong. There, I said it. I said don't worry about this guy. I was wrong. He has been caught stealing art wholesale, plagiarizing, and also turns out he is NOT indian.

it wouldn't be a super big deal if I wasn't the one paying his salary as a taxpayer.

We will find out tonight if he is fired. You can bet that if he is, instead of bowing out... he will sue the shit out of the state. This will have to be defended by the taxpayers of Colorado.... ME.

my disdain for this guy is akin to that of George Bush and his posse.

5:34 PM  

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