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Friday, April 1

Another holiday ruined

Hey all, I had some huge and wonderful zaniness set for today. As the leading writer of my generation (and by 'my generation' I mean people born March 22nd 1972), I knew you would come to me for your April Fool's goodness.

I had so much running though my head this morning. I was thinking about doing a big piece about coming out of the closet. Then, I thought about saying I was resigned the web site.

Anyhow, I have wisely dropped any such plans. Even though I am not remotely religious, I have to respect the fact that the holiest man on earth (in most folks eyes, anyhow. I am more a fan of Mandela) is about to pass on. This man (the Pope) is an amazing fighter and deserves to be respected and mourned. So, in honor of the Pope... and the fact that I used to be Catholic) there will be no April Fool's zaniness today.

I dare say that may have been the Pope's last wish. Good luck, mister Pope. If there is a heaven, I assure you it will be awaiting your arrival.


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