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Tuesday, April 19

How this Pope might be be useful

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Hey folks, from all early indications, this Pope will be a major problem. You may be thinking it isn't my business, but it is. Not unlike the President, decisions this dude makes impact everyone in the world. Also, though I am a practicing atheist... on paper I believe I am still a Catholic. I think I forgot to notarize my atheist paperwork. What with all the sinning and wine and virgins all around... details become less important.

In separate distinctions heard today, new Pope has been described as 'God's Rottweiler' and 'Pope No' for being so conservative on doctrine. So what does that term 'conservative on doctrine' mean? We'll need to know, because you are going to hear it 8,000 times in the next week. What it means is that dude hates gays and women. Long story short... that is the issue. There is a third problem which even church people have openly been discussing; to survive, the church MUST acknowledge birth control as safe and acceptable. This isn't about family planning, really. The issue of birth control is critical because AIDS is spiraling out of control all over the world.

This is a major problem and probably my biggest beef with the church. Back to my point, new Pope is a hardliner and is expected to make the church more mean and conservative. So how is this a good thing for reasonable human beings? I'll tell ya.

This guy is 78, so frankly he isn't going to live very long at all. He is the oldest Pope elected in over 100 years. So this guy is going to drive the church hard right against women and gays and AIDS. However, after he passes in 5 to 8 years the world will be clamoring for a reasonable and moderate Pope to bring the Church back to the people (sort of like I am hoping with happen with the Democrats, that folks will realize we always right and come back to us).

So, to sum up. I expect this Pope to further the problems of the world by preaching exclusion. Because I believe people are decent at heart... they will soon realize that exclusion solves nothing and makes enemies. Then, this Pope will die and a decent and reasonable human being will be put into the influential position to indeed make the world a better place and give people something to have faith in.


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